At Capital Electric Line Builders, safety is our top priority.

Capital is committed to safetyWe focus on a healthy, safe work environment. Our team understands the importance of maintaining a safe workplace and we strive to keep our workplace injury and accident-free.

We support, believe in and enforce all OSHA rules, guidelines and practices pertaining to our discipline. The support to meet and exceed OSHA standards comes from all levels of our organization.  To further show our resolve in this matter, Capital Electric Line Builders, in addition to MDU Resources, are members and participants of the ET&D Strategic Alliance with OSHA and others in the utility industry.

Capital Electric Line Builders’ policy is to be constantly striving for continuous improvement, educate all new employees as well as offer continuing education to existing employees. Our training programs include the following:

  1. New-hire Orientation
  2. CPR – First Aid
  3. ET&D 10-Hour for all employees
  4. ET&D 20-Hour for all supervisors
  5. Human Performance Improvement
  6. Smith Driver Training
Safety Moral Responsibility

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