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At Capital Electric Line Builders, we strive to complete our work in a productive, safe and high-quality manner.

Transmission, Distribution & Substation

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Traffic Signalization & Lighting

Traffic signals, street lighting and intelligent transportation systems

Emergency Response

Rapid response to emergencies and storm restoration



Transmission & Distribution,

N Woodland Street Lighting

North Woodland Street Lighting

Signals & Lighting,

McLean County

McLean County Reliability

Transmission & Distribution,

Walnut to Cheyenne Transmission

Walnut to Cheyenne Transmission

Transmission & Distribution,

Capital Electric Line Builders

Headquartered in Riverside, Missouri, Capital Electric Line Builders, Inc. specializes in installing and maintaining overhead and underground transmission and distribution systems, substations, traffic signalization, and roadway and area lighting.

Capital Electric Line Builders was founded in 1967 to serve the utility industry on contracts such as substations, distribution systems, underground installations and high-voltage transmission lines. Since the beginning, Capital Electric has prided itself on providing customers with a full range of professional electrical services.